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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rock prodigy

Over the years we've been to school concerts with our children. Our son seems to be able to play the keyboard by ear just by listening to the music he figures out what keys to play. The only problem with this is he can't open a music book and read the notes to play a song. So the simplest way for him to learn this is on his xylophone. The xylophone with the key letters written on it versus looking at a book and putting two and two together are working out fine not to mention the beautiful tones of the xylophone. Our school seems to contain a few rock prodigy in the making. I hope our son continues on that path.

Winter or no winter

Well winter has come to Central New York and there's not much of it. Usually we have at least four foot of snow by now. But we Only have about six inches not even enough to ride a snow mobile but a little too much to ride the two wheel drive ATV's that we have. So if its gonna snow and have winter lets get the snow or not have any at all.
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