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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cozy Winters Review

Just before Christmas every year my son makes out his Santa list and of course he adds to it as the days go by. This year he also made out one for our cat and little dog. I'm so busy at work I decided to do most of my shopping online, what the heck it delivered right to the door. Most of my shopping was done at one place so I wanted to know that it was a good store. So I looked for Cozy Winters Review. I found out it was a good company made me feel secure.

Our real Christmas tree

So we went out to get our Christmas tree last weekend we found a real nice one it look to be about 6 foot tall. The guys at the tree farm put a number on it and gave us the other end of the receipt so we could pick it up in an hour after we went inside and have some hot chocolate. We pick the tree up with out  truck gave him our receipt number and went home. As my husband brought it inside and unwrap it we discovered it was nine foot tall. Good thing our ceiling are ten foot I still think its a different tree.
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