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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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I kind of missed Paul living next door he moved out six months ago he is the one that got us interested in our family band. Because of all the equipment he bought it made my husband interested to have his own. I think Paul had one of every instrument I could think of even some of his older recording equipment was fun to play around with.  I see the man that bought the house tore out the band stand and put it on the curve. It's like the end of an era. You should Read Full Review to figure out how many pieces you may want to add to your band.

Too hot in New York today

I've never had this happened before I went outside to sit on the steps waiting for my son to come home from his first day back in school. My cellphone was next to me I picked it up to look at facebook for a moment and the screen says phone is too hot must be cooled down before using. I wasn't even out there  for ten minutes so it goes to show you how hot it was in New York today.

Barn door equipment

Many many years ago my husband in a school drawing class designed and drew out a picture of a house that he always wanted to build. About twenty years went by and he decided as a carpenter to build the house that he designed. The house is fall of knotty pine and custom trim that he actually made at the site of the house. The loft balcony bedroom contains barn door equipment so if you want to open the whole end wall up it overlooks the warp around cherry kitchen and dining room below.

Cranberry Lake New York

Had a great time on our long end of the summer labor day weekend. It's a couple hours drive up to Cranberry lake to go camping while its worth it. The main thing is  to spend time with the family together without any electronics. Each time when we cooked we actually cooked on the coals of the dried oak of the forest. We brought a griddle cover and put it right above the coals so it made cooking breakfast lunch and dinner a little bit of a challenge. What a beautiful place.
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