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Friday, June 12, 2015

Cozy Winters elevated dog bed

There's been a few trying years lately with my father in law passing away. My mother in law was in Florida. My husband flew down to spend a few weeks with her. After things calmed down a bit  my husband mentioned to his mom that she really needed a good dog for a companion and possibly protection. They went to a local SPCA. After spending some time with five or six different dogs over a couple of days his mom picked out a yellow lab mix. After bringing her home she seems comfortable during the daytime but at night she would roll around over and over again. My husband mentioned to his mom that at the kennel her dog had a CozyWinters elevated dog bed so my husband decided to pick one up. After introducing the bed to mom's dog she instantly hopped on it and with her head over the side she fell asleep as in the bed was a comfortable old friend to sleep on. Now she sleeps through he night undisturbed and more importantly not disturbing my mother in law.


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