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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cozy Winters Review

Just before Christmas every year my son makes out his Santa list and of course he adds to it as the days go by. This year he also made out one for our cat and little dog. I'm so busy at work I decided to do most of my shopping online, what the heck it delivered right to the door. Most of my shopping was done at one place so I wanted to know that it was a good store. So I looked for Cozy Winters Review. I found out it was a good company made me feel secure.

Our real Christmas tree

So we went out to get our Christmas tree last weekend we found a real nice one it look to be about 6 foot tall. The guys at the tree farm put a number on it and gave us the other end of the receipt so we could pick it up in an hour after we went inside and have some hot chocolate. We pick the tree up with out  truck gave him our receipt number and went home. As my husband brought it inside and unwrap it we discovered it was nine foot tall. Good thing our ceiling are ten foot I still think its a different tree.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Read Full Review

I kind of missed Paul living next door he moved out six months ago he is the one that got us interested in our family band. Because of all the equipment he bought it made my husband interested to have his own. I think Paul had one of every instrument I could think of even some of his older recording equipment was fun to play around with.  I see the man that bought the house tore out the band stand and put it on the curve. It's like the end of an era. You should Read Full Review to figure out how many pieces you may want to add to your band.

Too hot in New York today

I've never had this happened before I went outside to sit on the steps waiting for my son to come home from his first day back in school. My cellphone was next to me I picked it up to look at facebook for a moment and the screen says phone is too hot must be cooled down before using. I wasn't even out there  for ten minutes so it goes to show you how hot it was in New York today.

Barn door equipment

Many many years ago my husband in a school drawing class designed and drew out a picture of a house that he always wanted to build. About twenty years went by and he decided as a carpenter to build the house that he designed. The house is fall of knotty pine and custom trim that he actually made at the site of the house. The loft balcony bedroom contains barn door equipment so if you want to open the whole end wall up it overlooks the warp around cherry kitchen and dining room below.

Cranberry Lake New York

Had a great time on our long end of the summer labor day weekend. It's a couple hours drive up to Cranberry lake to go camping while its worth it. The main thing is  to spend time with the family together without any electronics. Each time when we cooked we actually cooked on the coals of the dried oak of the forest. We brought a griddle cover and put it right above the coals so it made cooking breakfast lunch and dinner a little bit of a challenge. What a beautiful place.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Crucial m500 120gb

After my husband rebuilt my computer about four years ago I keep on complaining to him that it's a dinosaur. He says he doesn't want to waste of money on the one's that are out there when he can rebuild mine again with today's updated technology. I don't understand everything about the computer but I do know when he puts it together it runs super fast. One of the parts he says he's using is the crucial m500 120gb. This will give you the extra storage that I've been waiting for.

Upgrading to bigger salt water aquarium

We started out out with two 50 gal. aquarium. Our fish grew bigger. Now its been a year and a half with our two seventy five gal. aquariums and the fish are outgrowing the tanks. We either have to split up the fish to a third tank or go to the next size bigger tank which is a hundred gallons. The problem with that is that one hundred gal. tanks are thicker glass and heavier and very pricey.

Cozy Winters elevated dog bed

There's been a few trying years lately with my father in law passing away. My mother in law was in Florida. My husband flew down to spend a few weeks with her. After things calmed down a bit  my husband mentioned to his mom that she really needed a good dog for a companion and possibly protection. They went to a local SPCA. After spending some time with five or six different dogs over a couple of days his mom picked out a yellow lab mix. After bringing her home she seems comfortable during the daytime but at night she would roll around over and over again. My husband mentioned to his mom that at the kennel her dog had a CozyWinters elevated dog bed so my husband decided to pick one up. After introducing the bed to mom's dog she instantly hopped on it and with her head over the side she fell asleep as in the bed was a comfortable old friend to sleep on. Now she sleeps through he night undisturbed and more importantly not disturbing my mother in law.

Lawn or yard sale

Our second lawn sale of the year we decided to pack up everything and take it over to my mother in law's house on the main highway. We had an incredible turn out of people. Over seven hundred cars stops by. We got rid of almost all our bigger ticket items along with at least a hundred of our smaller items. Exhausted after our two days packing up everything  was dreadful.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Foot switch

Trying to get everybody together for our family band the weekend after Easter seems to be almost as hard as pulling teeth. Everybody is so busy these days I don't know if we gave everybody  six months to make it here for the weekend. It might just happen. But of course talking to the kids they all had some input and something they would need to update their equipment. The first thing my son said that he needed a new foot switch and I had to remind  my step daughter that I had already bought the new strings for both guitars.

Crayon colored Easter eggs

After going to the store and buying another egg coloring kit I thought about last year to remind myself this year just to leave the eggs hot after they're hard boiled  as they slowly cooled down get out the box of crayons and its fun to draw designs on the eggs with the melting crayons. You can create so many  different designs and the colors are endless. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Class rings

Years and years ago when I graduated I really didn't have enough money to afford a nice graduation class rings. I've gone through the last almost twenty years thinking about it on and off again as I opened my jewelry box to look at the nice things that I've received over the years or bought. Finally, the other day I was so happy to find out that I could still purchase my school ring that finally at this point I can afford.

Pictures of credit card transactions

My husband couldn't believe it when he checked his bank account the other day.  He went to pay his bills and discovered there was a charge on the account from a town  that we hadn't been in in three months. He called his bank and they instantly put a freeze on the account. Luckily the purchase was only for twenty dollars. They sent my husband out new cards with new pin numbers. The whole thing is under investigation. They actually have video of the woman that did this. Their cameras are time coded to the cashier  numbers to track any video of that exact minute that the transaction took place. 
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