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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Order now

Curiosity finally got to all of us. So before the curiosity went away my husband said order now. I guess we just wait and see what fun my daughter can have with the ukulele. In the meantime the only thing she has to have fun on is my old base guitar but hey she's going crazy on that right now and it doesn't sound bad. Her brother just sits there as she plays and shakes his head and gives her a funny look.

Our little artist

What a lot of fun we bought our son a complete drawing artist box complete with colored pastels, pencils, paints and to complete it we bought whole box of crayon  just in case he wanted to use them. He is so happy with these along with the three different big styles of artist paper that we bought. 


We have been so busy lately that its been a while since we practiced with our family band. At least by giving everybody a weeks notice I found out that they were missing the fun that we have shared by playing together. My son told me he picked up a drumagog I'm not sure how exactly it works but he told me he'd been playing around with it for about a month now and was excited to show us all how it worked.

Apple picking

Fall is here apple picking is in the air. We decided to go to the apple festival . When we got there there was so many people you couldn't even move or enjoy yourself so we went up the road to beak and skiff's apple farm and enjoyed the rest of the day picking some apples and going on small rides that they have. 
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