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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Battery jump pack

I never thought we would need one because our car always started good but the other morning at minus 10 degrees  our four year old battery needed some help. So I was so glad that my husband bought that battery jump pack from Harbor Freight. We opened up the hood connected it and our car started right up. Now with the little bit warmer weather the battery seems fine.

Large eyeglass frames

It has been many years since we have had our eyes tested. Its hard to believe in ten years how much different as you grow older your eyes get worse. There are a lot of different vitamins supposedly that you can take for vision help. We tried that years ago and nothing seemed to become of it. All that I want in my new glasses are large eyeglass frames. My old ones seemed to bother my peripheral vision.


It felt like spring in Central New York today so we thought we would go over to our other property where there is a big hill and go sliding while it was comfortable. It was real nice sliding until the sun came out. When the sun came out the hill turned to glare ice from us sliding on it. It was just a little too fast for the kids.
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