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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Solar hot water heater

My husband showed me the plans for him to build our solar water heater when spring gets around. By building a box on the roof  then installing over three hundred foot of black water line inside it will all be covered with the special type of Plexiglass. After this is done the cold  water will be run through this before it goes to the hot water heater. By pre-heating the water first he expects to save 80 percent on the gas bill for the hot water heater.

2001 skidoo MXZX

Just like last year winter is here but there's not enough snow to safely ride our 2001 skidoo MXZX. This year is worse in that the temperatures are far below normal. Just to walk out to the road to get the mail requires full dressed of my snow suit. A lot of people don't understand how fast the wind can chill your body. My husband was telling me and the kid  that when his car broke down he walked 20 minutes to his house and he though for sure his ears were going to fall off.
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