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Sunday, November 30, 2014

For boiron products

It's been ten years since my husband's automobile accident . He's been to lots of doctors for his sleeplessness.  The doctors can't seem to come to a complete diagnosis they just keep on trying him on different drugs. He feels like a Guinea pig for their experiments.With all the research that we've done for boiron products seems to be the best thing for him. After a month taking it he at least is getting five hours of sleep.

Snow went away

Well wouldn't you know it we got our snowmobile fixed and then the snow went away. We had just enough time to take it around the yard before the rain came down. We still need to buy a new gas primer for it and hopefully this year we will get a new seat cover for it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Order now

Curiosity finally got to all of us. So before the curiosity went away my husband said order now. I guess we just wait and see what fun my daughter can have with the ukulele. In the meantime the only thing she has to have fun on is my old base guitar but hey she's going crazy on that right now and it doesn't sound bad. Her brother just sits there as she plays and shakes his head and gives her a funny look.

Our little artist

What a lot of fun we bought our son a complete drawing artist box complete with colored pastels, pencils, paints and to complete it we bought whole box of crayon  just in case he wanted to use them. He is so happy with these along with the three different big styles of artist paper that we bought. 


We have been so busy lately that its been a while since we practiced with our family band. At least by giving everybody a weeks notice I found out that they were missing the fun that we have shared by playing together. My son told me he picked up a drumagog I'm not sure how exactly it works but he told me he'd been playing around with it for about a month now and was excited to show us all how it worked.

Apple picking

Fall is here apple picking is in the air. We decided to go to the apple festival . When we got there there was so many people you couldn't even move or enjoy yourself so we went up the road to beak and skiff's apple farm and enjoyed the rest of the day picking some apples and going on small rides that they have. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

For private dance lessons in santa monica

A friend of ours in California came up with a unique way to help pay for their daughter's for private dance lessons in santa monica. They send out flyers to all their friends and family for a raffle on their fancy dining room and living room set. These sets were gently used in their house before they got their new ones. Each ticket was a dollar a piece and at the very end of the raffle they drew in number to determine who won each item. It raised twenty eight hundred dollars in total to help their daughter with the lessons.

Jewelry vortex

When I got married almost ten years ago the rings my husband bought were very affordable. So on our tenth anniversary we have plans for a set of bands. I want gold he likes silver but I'm about to change his mind. I found a nice compromise at jewelry vortex. The beauty of the whole thing is that this set is very affordable now.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

NC health agency

About two years ago one of our friends moved to North Carolina. One by one our friend in the Carolina's invited us all down. Compared to New York State we found out that the taxes on income and the taxes on your properties were so much less. Next year the Carolina's will have at least more residents from our neighborhood moving there. It's like we're creating our own town there is 168 acres that we will all be living on. The best part about being down there is the cost of our health care so much more reasonable through So excited to be there.

Ironman vehicle

Midway through he winter last year our Amigo truck that we had forever developed a transmission leak . We thought we could have it fixed but it would cost more than what the truck is worth with the high mileage. We were forced to put our summer truck on the road sooner that expected. Its a 1999 Isuzu Vehicross. Only one of 260 Ironman that were built for 1999 in the United States.

Get it now!

It's nice to be back to summer. One of the fun things that we wait for are some of the bands that come to the Papermill Island. Quite a few great local bands headline during the summer. The last time we were there they started playing at two in the afternoon it didn't stop until 11:00.  The last band that played  their equipment was just incredible and if I had it my way I would Get it now! The sound clarity was beyond belief.

Affordable clarinet

My granddaughter's birthday is coming up soon and I started searching early online for the different things that her mom says she likes.It takes time when you want to find that unique gift and I hope that after purchasing her the affordable clarinet that she will like it. Her mom said her musical interest vary from time to time but she showed a great interest in her dad's clarinet when he was playing it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don Allred

I thought we'd never run out of work in New York State but we find ourself traveling farther and farther away from home to do the construction that we've been doing for years. For the last month we have been working for a municipality in North Carolina. A friend of ours referred us to don allred for the additional coverage that we needed while working there. 


Finally after all the cold weather and frost we are finally going to plant our small garden this weekend. We haven't had very good luck with it in the last few years but we think it was because the water that we used was high in iron. Now we have city water and we hope that it will work better. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don't blink

There is a lot to be said about a stay at home job. It would be nice spending more time with my little guy. The years go by so fast reminds me of that song don't blink. It seems like yesterday he was in diapers now he is in 2nd grade. Wow so quick. We have to find more quality time after work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Love of music

A lot of toys with my son come and go as he gets bored with them but you'll love it when he goes back to one after a few months go by. It would hard to pick the number one toy but we would have to say it is his Lego blocks. Over three years his interest in musical instruments has spanned quite a few different types. His piano is his favorite. He could play on that for hours recording himself and playing it back.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Battery jump pack

I never thought we would need one because our car always started good but the other morning at minus 10 degrees  our four year old battery needed some help. So I was so glad that my husband bought that battery jump pack from Harbor Freight. We opened up the hood connected it and our car started right up. Now with the little bit warmer weather the battery seems fine.

Large eyeglass frames

It has been many years since we have had our eyes tested. Its hard to believe in ten years how much different as you grow older your eyes get worse. There are a lot of different vitamins supposedly that you can take for vision help. We tried that years ago and nothing seemed to become of it. All that I want in my new glasses are large eyeglass frames. My old ones seemed to bother my peripheral vision.


It felt like spring in Central New York today so we thought we would go over to our other property where there is a big hill and go sliding while it was comfortable. It was real nice sliding until the sun came out. When the sun came out the hill turned to glare ice from us sliding on it. It was just a little too fast for the kids.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Solar hot water heater

My husband showed me the plans for him to build our solar water heater when spring gets around. By building a box on the roof  then installing over three hundred foot of black water line inside it will all be covered with the special type of Plexiglass. After this is done the cold  water will be run through this before it goes to the hot water heater. By pre-heating the water first he expects to save 80 percent on the gas bill for the hot water heater.

2001 skidoo MXZX

Just like last year winter is here but there's not enough snow to safely ride our 2001 skidoo MXZX. This year is worse in that the temperatures are far below normal. Just to walk out to the road to get the mail requires full dressed of my snow suit. A lot of people don't understand how fast the wind can chill your body. My husband was telling me and the kid  that when his car broke down he walked 20 minutes to his house and he though for sure his ears were going to fall off.
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