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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lost mail

I was one envelope short the other day doing the bills so I used an envelope that had the clear window in it. I put the address above the clear window, five days later I received a call that my payment had not shown up. After calling the post office they said that being there was no address in the clear window their machines won't read an address above and now my check is lost in the mail forever.

Wholesale cd mailers

We've gone on some beautiful trips over the years with the large group that I belong to. The pictures that I've took of the beautiful places that I've been are priceless. All my pictures have been saved on CD's. I thought I would share them with the group this year for Christmas but this year a lot of them can't make it. I got together with one of my friends in the group and decided to go with wholesale cd mailers.The artwork on the case is my friends own original. It's beautiful.

How to save some money on your grocery

Its fun these days to figure out how you can save some more money. The first thing is by looking at the more expensive foods on your grocery list. By watching the sales at different stores it's usually the meat that cost you the most for the family. If you have a bigger freezer you can save more money by buying in quantity which by buying a quantity can save you 50 to 60 a pound on your purchases. Also if you can handle depending on your family size instead of ordering that pizza for Friday night pick out a couple pieces at you grocery store these easily saves you 15 dollars on one purchase.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Victorias Secret Black Friday Sale

I was so happy this morning to get my husband off the couch to go to the mall. I had so see what this Black Friday sale was all about. I didn't really see any deals that were that fantastic. A lot of the stores had brought in a lot of cheap stuff and that's all it is is cheap stuff. The best deal of the day was at Victoria's Secret and the place was packed. If you bought 70 dollars worth of stuff you received a nice travel back.
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