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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My husband is designing out to build a new entertainment center that will hold at least two thousand pounds of water weight glass and the coral that will be in two separate aquarium side by side on one shelf. The shelf itself that holds its weight will be an inch and a half plywood re-enforced with angle iron. He shopped at many different places to come up with for some of these screws that would be perfect for this situation.

Hooking up on the city water

All these years we been running on well water and our water pressure has been low. My husband finally hooked into the city water and what a difference in the pressure. So nice when we go  to fill up the tub. I can  actually wash the clothes and do the dishes at the same time without a worry of water pressure.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

For hydrocodone addiction

We have tried so many different times to help my brother in law with his alcohol addiction. Sometimes he would go for months without a problem but as he said stress drives him to it. My husband can relate somewhat because of his nicotine addiction. Coming down from any drug can make you a total wreck. To have a supervise trained  person that knows what you're going through is the best thing to have. Sometimes being away from your family that you love so much can save that love as you're in detox. As in for hydrocodone addiction I heard that it can be the toughest thing to stop.


Time to go for a drive up North the Autumn leaves are in full bloom. Just to go for a nice ride eases the mind of the everyday grind at work. The last time we ended up in Red Field. They have a beautiful reservoir with wrap around  wooded scenery.  I must have took twenty four pictures of the surrounding woods.
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