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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ESET antivirus

A friend of mine that had recently started college called me up panicking that someone had stoled her identity. The first thing I thought of was how secure her computer is. She hadn't been using it for long and she said some things popped up on the screen that she ignored. That was her big mistake. Today she's a lot better off with her ESET antivirus and with some instructions on how not to avoid warnings that are on her screen, it reminded me of when my PC was first attacked many years ago.

Wireless driveway alert system

The way my house was designed it is a split level. In the cold New York weather it keeps out all that winter wind that can hit it. With the smaller windows though I can't see whose pulling in the driveway until they're knocking on the door. So last week I stopped at Harbor Freight and picked up a wireless driveway sensor. If anybody pulls in it sets off a tone to make me aware of the people first.
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