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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Deering goodtime at musicians friend

My friend at work Debbie is funny sometimes and sometimes I  just can't  understand her. But anyhow we kept on telling her she needs a hobby or something just to keep her busy when she's not at work. About a month ago she told us that she always wanted to play the banjo. I have to admit I don't have any friends that play the banjo. She already plays the guitar very well. So I told her about deering goodtime at musicians friend. It took her less than a half an hour to have it on its way from the site.

Extra days of weekend

Don't you wish that every week was a four day week and a three day weekend? The two day weekend comes and goes so fast it doesn't even seem that you have enough time to do everything that you have to do I wouldn't even care if we did four days each day ten hours as long as I could have an extra day for the weekend.

Yummy lunch

The fish was so delicious today for my lunch. We had to stop at my daughter in law's house this morning to feed their cat while they were out of town. Down behind their house they have a creek that's loaded with small pan fish so my husband and our son and myself went down there with our poles and caught six delicious fish for our lunch. Nice to know food is available in nature if you need it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bankruptcy laws in ga

My sister in law moved to Georgia with her husband. As far as we knew they were doing good with their small business. They never let on to us that anything was wrong. Years ago my husband had to go bankrupt after a bad divorce with his ex. He learned a lot of law over his experience. So I think that's why his sister called him. One of the first things my husband told her is that the bankruptcy laws in ga can be a lot different than the state of New York. She should seek legal advice to better know the laws of Georgia.

Fourth of July party at Brewerton New York

Again this year it was a great time at the fireworks party in Brewerton NY. It had been raining earlier so we were worried that they might cancel the fireworks. A few years back they had to. As it came closer to the time to set up the fireworks the clouds cleared the temperature was extremely balmy  and the fireworks went off with the bang.
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