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Monday, April 22, 2013

Hand retractable plungers

My husband used to be a district foreman of a large multiple apartment complexes. Some of the daily needs and problems that arose on the emergency pager can be ridiculous. In the winter time  at least every other night in the middle of the night there were multiple calls of no heat emergencies. The owner of the complex  always tried to save money by not repairing things properly. At one point a hand retractable plungers solved a lot of the problems when installed of course as needed per unit for the owner.

Harvy the clown fish

Adding an extra fish to a salt water aquarium can be tricky specially for the fish. If he is a strong survivor as in bigger or with good survival tactics he may survive. But on the other hand if he isn't he may get killed and eaten. Bad way to die.

Wall cabinets

My husband had a good run at his small business years ago. Starting as a young man he created his own insulation business. The insulation business evolved to other things over the years including sidings, windows, and door installs. The warehouse along with the huge work trucks were full of wall cabinets. Some of them were specially designed to hold the chemicals that they used for cleaning the insulation machine.

Hoping for warmer weather

Spring come spring goes. I can't believe that after a lot of the flowers came up we had a frost and went down in the 20's. The short lived warmer weather was very enjoyable to get outside with the kids. We are hoping that it will return. Cross our fingers.
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