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Monday, January 21, 2013

Boomerang cartoon channel

Spongebob... That's all my little one seems to be interested on T.V. at this moment. I wish he would watch more Boomerang cartoons like I grew up with specially Johny Quest.

Martin Hanaka

My next door neighbour and I over supper the other day were discussing our retirements. He had been working through a millwrights  union for twenty years. His hard work shows on him as in he looks a lot older than he really is. Most of my retirement is tied up in real estate. And with the economy so down I hope someday that the real estate market will recover. Luckily I have my job also. After agreeing with martin hanaka with my great attitude I say I am officially vested into the program.

Snow storm

Well the snow came as promised almost 18 inches overnight. It looked light and fluffy to begin with but my husband went to snow blow it and discovered it was medium damp and pretty heavy. The small snow blower that we had doesn't do a great job. My husband spent three hours snow blowing and then snow blowing again. Hopefully the new storm coming in tonight won't be as much.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ESET Endpoint Security information

We may have a small business but different location. It made it so much easier  eventually when we were link together as a network. Searching the Internet we found so many different antivirus protection programs that it was hard to figure out what was actually the better program. They basically all said the same until we ran into ESET Endpoint Security information. The knowledge that we gain about their product helped us make our final decision.

Poor little dude

Poor little guy first my six year old walking across the living room tripped over his own sock. So he got a knee burn that needed mommy's medical attention. Next he went into the bathroom as he was opening the door on his way out he backed into a stand which poked him in the hip area. After that he tried sitting on a big ball in the living room rolled off from that and hit his elbow on the floor register which needed more of mommy's kisses and hugs. Also, we asked him for the rest of the night to stay on the couch. Why risk it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Full extension drawer slides

Years ago  my husband went to an auction. He bought a lot of solid oak cabinet faces. The plan was someday turn our garage into an apartment. He finally got around to it last year with some help from his buddies to at least hang the sheet rock. As he was building the cabinets he had so many solid fronts that he ripped them down and used them for the box that makes the drawers. Full extension drawer slides with ball bearings made the heavier solid oak drawers glide like they were on ice.

Picking the right dog food

Our dog is always been particular on what kind of food she likes. She is a Shih Tzu poodle. The unfortunate thing is that her food is very expensive. Luckily she doesn't eat much. The other day we were at tractor supply company buying a trailer hitch and I noticed one of the dog foods there the ingredients were the same as the food that she already has but about half the price. We picked up the small bag for her to try it and she gobble it up. So now we know what brand to get her all the time.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Crazy tenants

Four days after Christmas we were over in Fulton visiting some friends our rental unit back at our house the girl there called saying there was no water. My husband instructed her on where to unplug the power to the pump. She unplug it. We left our friends house in Fulton twenty minutes later we got home my husband went to the room where the power to the pump is to discover  that she had plugged it back in hoping that she would get water. He asked her why she says to my husband " I DON"T KNOW"!. My husband blew up knowing that if the power was running this long with no water the pump would surely be half melted down at the well. Sure enough he went there and the pump was smoking, steaming. He removed the pump and went to get a new one to install. After installing the new one and trying to pump water it just wouldn't pump right. He went to the apartment to find out  that the girl had the hot and cold of the tub and the bathroom sink and the kitchen sink wide open thinking she was going to get water from a pump that just lost its prime because of a leak in the line close to the pump. If she would have left it unplug there was a chance that it might have survived. But it cost us 240 dollars plus four hours of time to take care of it. Needless to say the end of the story is how much of a DUMB person can these people be. My husband the very next day gave them a 30 day eviction notice. He can't stand to think if we weren't home what people could do with their stupidity.
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