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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Filipino-American Association of Central New York Party

   Well, this years Filipino-American Association of Central New York's gathering was truly a success. The organizers of the event picked out a nice location. It was at Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel and Conference Center the heart of Syracuse University. The bathroom reflects how clean the hotel is. I always say if the bathroom is clean the other part of the hotel is clean also. Although it may not be always the case on most hotels I would give it a rank of 4 stars total out of 5. Food menu 4, services 4, best of all cleanliness 4. I love the decor of our table its simple yet elegant. Meeting a lot of nice old friends and meeting new friends is worth going to the party. All in all my husband and I had such a good time there. Can't wait for next year's event.



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