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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inquisitive mind

My son is at that age where he is finally made it into first grade and the world is starting to open up to him. So many new questions everyday. Sometimes I don't have the answers. He is so inquisitive about everything it just brings a big smile to your face when you sit down and explain about things. Now if he can only hold his questions 'till after I'm done cooking would be a good thing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weathervanes for sale

My husband used to for for a restoration company in Central New York. Some of the architectural moldings that he's replaced are just incredible. Making molds of a good part of the structure then copying it, slowly overlaying it to create an entire new piece is very time consuming. I remember the one time that he found himself on a lift removing a weathervane that was over a hundred years old on a barn in Pennsylvania. He called me to search for weathervanes for sale on the net. I found three that was so close that you couldn't tell them from the originals. It saved him hours and hours of time by buying these instead of making these from scratch.

Australian Mocs

I was over to my girlfriends house and she gave me a sneak peek at one of the things that her husband bought her for Christmas. She had asked for a pair of house sleepers. Her husband had bought her a pair of woman's moccasins. They were not your normal moccasins from around here. They were Plymouth mocs. She let me try them on and they were so warm and comfortable they are a hundred percent natural Australian MERINO wool lining. I hope my husband has time to get me a pair for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top ultrabooks

Christmas is coming and the stores are already packed with lots of specials just to get you inside. Let's face it giving away something for nothing always draws a crowd. After you're there you're sure to buy something so they win. There are always family or friends that are hard to buy for. First I went store to store looking at all the different PC's for my step daughter and now it is as online search for the top ultrabooks. I never knew that there was so much information to look into to find the best.

Filipino delicacy

I can't believe I was watching the food channel with Andrew Zimmern . He was visiting the Philippines and one of the different foods that they had there was "balot". They described it as a sixteen day old duck egg which has the fertilized embryo growing inside. They steam this and its called a delicacy in the Philippines. Totally grossed me out when Andrew ate one.
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