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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Church chairs online

A friend of mine stopped in the other day he works with the fire department. He's always trying to get me volunteer to help with the Friday night fish fry. It draws in a huge crowd in a small town. I went down this week just to see if I can help for a couple of hours of preparation. Waiting for my son to come home from school I heard the discussion that they were needing more chairs in the conference room and I recommended to them church chairs online after helping my minister search about a month ago they have the best pricing.

Hot wheels mini

My son is having so much fun playing with his micro hot wheel city. Its so awesome its a little city all folded up inside of this van. Over the years he has collected quite a few cars he doesn't just played with it at home. Its something nice to bring on the road or over to grandma's when we stay for a while keeps him busy.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buy acid cigars

It's been quite a few years that I've got together with all my girl friends. We decided to have a pajama party on my house. The main theme was bring something unusual that you like that maybe your friends don't know about. Its hard for me to even start telling you about this. Except for the gadgets that some of the girls brought with them the most unusual was a full box of cigars. Her husband had told her to buy acid cigars a month earlier. He had not gotten around to them and what her husband didn't know was she loved smoking them as much as he did.


A lot of nights were so busy doing so many different things its tough to get a good meal in. Some nights were eating at fast food restaurants I just can't stand it compared to our home cooked meals but its fast and its done with. One item on the go that I found that I really like a lot  is tomato juice. If I sip on this during the day it takes my craving away from snacking later at night.

Ski Clothing

It's so unusual to me the difference in the climate after being relocated to New York State from the Philippines. I had never seen snow or felt a cold. What a shock it was. I am glad that there is different fun things to do outdoors in the winter. Riding a snowmobile with my son was one of the more exciting things that we've done. My husband decided to take me skiing that was a scary thing but after buying all the nice Ski Clothing I couldn't say no. I ended up on the bunny slope all day practicing. He stayed for a couple of hours then went down some of the big hills before we ended up setting in front of the big fire place at the lodge drinking hot coco with marshmallows. All in all it was a great experience.

Halloween time

Its Halloween time again and this year we took our regular trip to the pumpkin patch. They have so many big pumpkins its so hard to choose. After about forty five minutes of going round and round the pumpkin patch we found our ideal pumpkins. We picked up also some corn stalks and some little very colorful gourds to decorate around our front door.
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