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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Electric fireplace entertainment center

Renovating our two family house was exciting. With a little bit of creativity we turn the apartments into high end rentals. Shopping around for unique bargains was our plan. Between two places came up with everything we needed. Even the old kitchens were converted into beautiful maple cabinets. In the family room of both places we installed electric fireplace entertainment center. It was the highlight and a focal point of the room.

Electric mower

A few years back we only had a small amount of grass area in our backyard so I used to just use the weed whacker to take care of all the trimming. Now that we extended the backyard with top soil and added seed the yard is a little bit big for a weed whacker but not big enough for a gas mower. So I found a small electric hand pushed mower with a 14 inch live cutting path that works perfect for our area.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Numark ns6 musicians friend

My son's been working very hard this summer and saving every dime he can to put into his band. His two other buddies are doing pretty good themselves. Sometime around the first of next year they're planning on buying a numark ns6 musicians friend. It might seem to be a little overboard for what they're doing but anything to progress their sound will work out good for the future.

New shed

Two weeks from now after my husband's done with the nuclear shut down as a carpenter, we plan on building a new shed addition to the old shed. I can't wait to be able to pick up and organize all my gardening equipment and tools that i use for my home crafts.

Big brother gifts

It seems like there's always a competition in this family when it comes to birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. The only person that makes out is the recipient of the gift. Every year the gifts seemed to get better or bigger or smaller to out do the last year's gifts. A lot of times at the different parties its like everybody sits like on pins and needles 'till the last gift is opened. Myself, I don't go there I figure my gift is usually unique and its a nice gift. And one that they may use throughout the years. As in big brother gifts they're unique.

First twelve hour night shift

Well my husband made it through his first 12 hour night shift the only problem is he came home and can only sleep four hours. Thinking about  going into a dry well of a nuclear reactor for a first time kind of scares him. They wear all as much as possible protective clothing and meters thermometer the doze of radiation but it still a high doze area. Makes you wonder if it is really worth it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

C clamps

For the last two years I've been doing home assembly small parts at my house. Some of the special jigs I've made up are like an extra set of hands. Everytime I turned around I'm always thinking of an innovative c clamps. The latest thing that works terrific for me is a twist c clamp. By putting this at the corner of my table I'm able to lift the work at the proper elevation to attach several different things. It is challenging but most of the time is fun.

Hard work

My husband's sleep habit are so screwed up and they're going to get worse. Starting Sunday night at seven o'clock he will be going on a 12 hour shift. They are estimating at least seventeen days straight. being that there's 12 hours  between the end and the start of a new shift I guess they just keep on going and going hopefully my husband's strength can hold up for this duration.

Tim Kennedy mma

I'm starting Christmas shopping early. I've already got the kids done and wrapped and hid away. next week if I have time I would start on my husband's Christmas list that I forced out of him a couple of weeks ago. I'll never understand the reasoning behind men that have good tools but want more. But then again they could probably say about women in their shoes. A couple of awesome things I've found at tim kennedy mma my husband won't expect at all but I know they'll look good on him after he completes his diet in November.

Hoarding candles

My husband came up to me last Saturday morning and said  did you happen to notice what we have too many of around the house? I looked at him and looked around the room and I guess I just haven't noticed as busy as we've been for the last five years  I've collected over thirty five candles. They look nice but they're maybe a few too many. After we discussed this I mentioned to him about how many collections of tool sets he has.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Beach houses

After working hard all summer  we decided to fly down to see my mother in law. We hope to retire to Florida one day and it would be nice to find the house close to the beach. The only thing we worry about though is hurricanes. When we were down there we looked at quite a few properties but we found out beach houses at Saves us so much time and money by looking at them online.

Busy days

So busy these days with getting our six year old ready for school. My husband going back to school and finally mommy get sometime alone. It was so quiet in the house today. I decided to put in some of my workout DVDs that I put off for so long. It was a lot of fun dancing around but it was still lonely.
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