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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life insurance

My husband started out a small business years ago he said it took a lot of time to get the word around about the good work that they were doing. One of the main things is really  a need to know ordeal. When you don't know something you don't know that you may be doing it wrong. When it came to the insurances of the business he needed one million to work on the job not the one half a million. he was always complaining that he was insurance poor with the comment that his life insurance at was really the only insurance that was reasonably priced.

Gaining wieght

My husband gained some weight over the last eight years since I been feeding him. Before that he didn't really eat properly or eat enough. He was too skinny but now he feels he is twenty pounds overweight. I don't think he is. It just gives me more to hug. he has made up his own diet of three 32 ounce Gatorade a day and comes home to a reasonable supper. It is still too early to tell if this is going to work because I think he is waking up at night from the hunger feeling.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mesothelioma treatment

I hate even hearing the word cancer. When in fact the word covers so many different areas it is scary. My brother in law passed away from cancer. They say he waited too long in reality he died of kidney failure from the chemotherapy and all they have to say is he waited too long? I think that they should have used lower dosages over a longer period of time. I hope that Mesothelioma treatment can be more helpful for other forms of cancer for other people.

USB/TV plug in

What will they think of next? Some of my TV shows that I can't find in USA I really miss. I looked online but it is not really that affordable . As I was reading a magazine the other day I seen a little ad for a USB plug in that will give you over 2000 Internet channels and 9000 radio station all over the world with our PC to TV hook up. I cant wait to see my shows again.

Art supplies

We just can't figure out what to get our daughter for her birthday. There's only four days left and I refused to get her just a gift card. She's turning fourteen and that's kind of a weird age stuck between a child and a young adult. One thing that I can always depend on is she is never lost interest in is her art ability when it comes to drawing. There are so many different art supplies that is is low at. Right now I think we'll just replenish her supplies.

VHS-DVD Conversion

Over the years we had so many movies on VHS of the kids growing up. I asked my husband to look into converting them into DVD form. It would be so nice to send some of these to my family on the other side of this world. My husband found a converter for only 30 dollars that works great it was at Heartland America. What a deal! Now a have to find the time to convert over three hundred hours of tape that will take awhile.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fire pits

We always notice that there is always something missing in the backyard. We have our flower garden and our wonderful little vegetable garden  that between the rabbits and the chipmunks even with the fencing, sometimes they find a way to get into it. Sitting outback one day with friends one mentioned that they had a nice fire pit like we used to have it in my parents when we were growing up. So we decided to look into the different styles at Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll decide.

Beach nut tree

Our tenant house in Fulton has an extremely large beach tree outback. So big that it darkens the whole yard and back. In one season it sheds enough beach nut. As you pick this up and bagged them this is after the squirrels have eaten all the nuts the weight of the empty shells is almost two hundred pounds in weight. You can just about imagine how many squirrels and chipmunks that are happy for this tree.
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