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Monday, May 28, 2012

Paint work on a boat

Who was to know painting the bottom of a boat was so hard. First jack it up off the trailer so you can scrap and paint in that spot  and then  all the scraping of the whole bottom. Next primer the bottom but you need multiple coats at a certain time frame or you have to sand in between coats, next the same with the paint you have to be fast or sand between coats. The cost is over 350 dollars no wonder the guy wanted 700 to do it. 

Wedding photographer philadelphia

It's so much extreme pressure trying to set up all the wedding plannings from a long distance. I'm here in New York and my girlfriend is in Pennsylvania that is getting married. She is running to a lot of problems with her job and the timing to plan everything. Some days she work ten hours and six days a week. Finding a wedding photographer philadelphia is a little tough for me but I have to do it so I'm just going by the ratings that I found online.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crazy people

It's such a pain to put anything on the craigslist I swear people don't read your ad. They ask you the same question over and over again that I already answered on the ad itself.  Some people are actually so crazy that they ask you how long an apartment is going to be available because they're looking for something in the fall. They must be stupid to think that we would leave an INCOME apartment empty for six months waiting for them? Now that is totally insane!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2004 Polaris predator atv stickers

What a difference it makes. My husband bought a set up graphic stickers to put on our 2004 Polaris predator. By doing a little touch up on a paint job installing the new stickers and adding a new seat cover our ATV looks like we bought a new one. The graphics are orange and black with silver highlights. Its so bright when the sun hits it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain water barrel

Rain water is always so much better for the garden rather than city water and of course it doesn't cost as much. We bought a fifty five galloon plastic barrel from the yard sale went to Harbour Freight and bought a submergeable pump that we could put in the barrel attached in the garden hose. My husband even installed a gfi protected switch so I can turn it on and off to water the garden.
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