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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Windshields for motorcycles

Because of the higher prices of gas again we're thinking about putting our little Honda back on the road for the summer. We just always worry about someone pulling out in front of us and ending our lives. People just don't see motorcycles coming when there is a vehicle behind them  even though you are way in front of the vehicle behind you they only see the space between them and the vehicle behind you. And of course you could be a lot farther ahead of that vehicle. The motorcycles head light blends in with the vehicles headlight behind them causing this crash. Three years ago my husband went in a ditch after being hit in the throat by a bumble bee at 65 mph.  After that day he looked into windshields for motorcycles and has learned since to stay behind the windshield.

Night gown

Our anniversary is coming up and my husband says that he doesn't know what to buy me. So I shop around and found this very nice and somewhat conservative night gown for our special night out. I hope he appreciates it because the color  is somewhat different. It caught my eye specially the lace.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jogging stroller for infants

It had been many years thinking about it but finally we are on our way to Walt Disney World.  Good thing my husband has been there before even though it had been many years. We made sure that we had our jogging stoller for infants with us. From the time we get into Walt Disney World and by the time we leave more than ten hours has gone by. There is too much walking inside to not have a stroller for your little one along with the other things you may bring for the day.

Oldies band

A few times a year that we happen to get out  we like finding a place that's having a band that plays good oldies songs. Its getting to be almost impossible to find this anymore. Sometimes we start looking months in advance so we can go out and have a nice time with our friends.

Hammock stand

This year were building a nice sun porch. It will be second storey so a lot of effort will go into the concrete footers that will be in the ground supporting the whole weight of the porch with the normal extra heavy snow weight in New York State. I can't believe that we have to pay three hundred dollars for an engineer to say it's okay the way that we're building it. Anyhow enough for the bad stuff. My focus is on the inside. To start with hammock stand the possibilities are endless as how I arranged it in the room.


Trying to cut back on utility bills these days is hard to do. We went to one of those new high tech electric heaters that they say can run about a dollar a day. For that dollar a day the people that tested these things must have been in a very small room with no doors or windows for any kind of leakage of air. Our house is a tight house and still this little electric heater in an open room doesn't really heat all areas as they say. Yes it will keep a room warm but the heat doesn't seem to spread out.

Best testosterone boosters

My girlfriend was talking to me the other day about the frustrating problems her and her husband are having. With them being older than us at least I might be able to anticipate the same thing with my husband. Being she was going on vacation I decided to do a search for the best testosterone boosters that I could find. The products out there are endless and sometimes the reviews are overrated. It depends on the individual as to how the product works.

Spare room heating

Years ago we split our house in half which really limits the room for my son to play with his toys. We have an extra back porch type room buy its not heated so it is very uninviting in the winter time for him to play out there. So for next year we'll be buying a free standing look alike wood stove and has 1500 watts of electric heating power with the blower so at least we can turn it on and warm up the room first.

Quick step eligna

Years ago we decided to buy a one family house and convert it into a two family house. It seemed nice at first. My husband being a contractor carpenter can conquer anything he sets his mind to. Originally the downstairs there was good rug flooring throughout the livingrom area. As tenants come and tenants go the rug was looking pretty dreary. This time we will replace it with quick step eligna flooring which seems to be just about bullet proof and we hope to get many many years of use out of it.

One ant of thousands

After days on end of my husband's twelve hour shifts they finally gave  him one day off. Working on a time schedule of forty days after they shut down the facility for repairs its a very fast paced environment trying to do repairs and getting the power company back up and running. My husband says he feels like he's one ant of thousands crawling over everything in the plant to make sure the job is done in a quality pace.

Blackberry curve

I've had an iPhone for quite sometime and for the most part I like it but I've had a few problems with the apps. Even though I'll download off a high speed wi fi it seems to take forever maybe I'm just not patient enough. I've looked into a lot of phones but the one that really suits my needs is the blackberry curve. It's going to be so much more convenient when it comes to my work contacts and how i communicate with them everyday.


Before leaving on our big trip to Walt-Disney World there was so much preparation. We had to get a house sitter that we could trust to come in once a day to take care of our pets. Its not easy trusting just anyone to come into your house. Just to have a little piece of mind my husband changed out the two door knobs on our bedrooms for lock sets so we didn't have to worry about any intrusion into our bedrooms.
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