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Friday, March 16, 2012

Part time working online as eBay seller

I  got this itch one day to sell things online so I put some stuff like clothes up for sale. The problem was is it took me about 2 hours first of sorting. Then finally  deciding that I should part with them with my eyes closed. Its kind of tough to get rid of things you love so much but somehow I overcame it at least for this time. Taking pictures was my next step then uploading it to the PC. I didn't realize that you have to be specific on the descriptions.  To put it  on eBay take some time thank goodness for my hubby who patiently taught me how to go through the whole thing. Listing it on eBay is free as long as you only have a single picture uploaded to their site but if you want more pictures they will charge you a few cents and that's fine also.  Watching the bid go up is so exciting.  I think  I'm gonna be listing more items soon.


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