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Friday, March 30, 2012

Class ring value

The search is on. Its all about starting early looking here and looking there for class ring value. I remember not having very much time when it came to buying mine many years ago. But when it comes my husbands daughter so far we've looked at three different companies so were narrowing down the search to which one she likes best. Just like any other  young girl every time she thinks she makes up her mind she changes it.

Harbor Freight tools

So many different things in that store its hard to get my husband out of there in less than an hour. Whenever comes to tools that you want to get a reasonable price on we always end up at Harbor Freight. The tools might not be as heavy duty as others you can buy at brand name stores but lets face it if its a proper tool for the job saving some money is what its all about.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunn coffeemaker

Its tough to find something for my mother in law for her birthday.  But last time I was down in Florida at her house I noticed her coffee maker must be at least ten years old. Its not really looking that well even though she took good care of it. I decided to get her some of the English coffee that she likes along with a new bunn coffeemaker.  Now knowing mom she'll probably keep on using her old one until it breaks and only break out the new one for special occasions.

Losing weight

My husband is going to work over to the power plant from anywhere from 28 days to 45 days. He has made a deal with me that he is going to lose ten pounds so I have to lose ten pounds while he is working. I'll be practicing my Zumba moves in order to have enough exercise to at least lose close to a half a pound a day. Years ago this was easy but as you grow older its extremely tough. I just hope I can do it.

Plus size black dresses

We're standing outdoors the other day and I thought I heard a band rehearsing along with some girls voices. So as my husband pulled in the driveway I asked him if he wanted to take a walk up the street. So we walked up the street and seen Paul's garage open, Paul is our next door neighbor. As we walked down the driveway we could see five girls including Krista his daughter all dressed in plus size black dresses. They also had baby blue sneakers on and baby blue head bands. Quite a sights at least they sounded terrible but they all look so cute.

Treasure hunting on yard sales

I always love going to yard sales its like treasure hunting. I'm always looking through old jewelry boxes. A lot of times people think costume jewelry is costume jewelry. If you look closer and know what to look for you can find lots of real gold. The picture next to this with the ring and earrings I paid a $1.50 for the collection. The ring and the fancy earrings are solid gold the hoops are 14k filled. All in all it was a good deal for my money.

Cleopatras Choice black soap

Growing up in the Philippines was such challenge especially when it came to the extremely hot and dusty environment. The average day in my neighborhood was around 90 degrees. When I was younger I had an extreme case of acne that wasn't everyday job keeping it under control. Besides my monthly trip to the dermatologist one of the things I used to help me is Cleopatras Choice black soap. I think it has a lot to do with the Shea butter that its made of also with my mom started to use it she noticed a huge decrease in her eczema.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Running the wood stove fireplace

It's really crazy its so cold today with up to 50mph wind gust. Last week was almost like spring was here to stay. Even today is nice and sunny but you change your mind of going outdoors when you open the front door and it just about knocks you over. At least we have the sun to cheer us up as we stay in and start the wood stove up for heat for another week.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miller welders

Growing up the the seventies in Central New York my husband was telling me stories about how different it was. You had to be much more efficient and innovative. He tell so many different stories of living on the farm back then. The nearest bigger store was thirty miles away and if you didn't get a ride you were walking four miles to school each day. The winters back then could bring up to eight foot of snow in a short period of time.

At twelve years old he can remember his dad looking at a selection of miller welders at the tractor store. If it wasn't for that welder at different times over the years a lot of farm equipment would not have been repaired as fast as they were. His dad put the chore of learning how to use it on my husband at the early age of twelve. After a few months my husband was welding on a weekly  basis for neighbors also.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Part time working online as eBay seller

I  got this itch one day to sell things online so I put some stuff like clothes up for sale. The problem was is it took me about 2 hours first of sorting. Then finally  deciding that I should part with them with my eyes closed. Its kind of tough to get rid of things you love so much but somehow I overcame it at least for this time. Taking pictures was my next step then uploading it to the PC. I didn't realize that you have to be specific on the descriptions.  To put it  on eBay take some time thank goodness for my hubby who patiently taught me how to go through the whole thing. Listing it on eBay is free as long as you only have a single picture uploaded to their site but if you want more pictures they will charge you a few cents and that's fine also.  Watching the bid go up is so exciting.  I think  I'm gonna be listing more items soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ups and downs desk

Exercise is so important these days specially as you get older. They found recently that sitting at a desk all day is extremely bad for your health. The latest things over in Japan is actually a pop up desk, you could either sit at a desk or you could stand up and by releasing a button the desk springs up so its in a taller mode and you can stand at your desk. The next thing you know they'll be putting a thread mill under your desk so you can jog at the same time so you stay extremely fit at a non physical job.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Multi power tool

Being I consider myself very handy around the house I mentioned to my mother in law that for my birthday I'd like to have one of those new oscillating multi tools. She looked at me kind of funny and replied can't my husband do these things. Well, I replied you know what they say about carpenters the last place that they finish is their own home. This little multi tool can help me re do the grout on the tub along with stripping that old caulk around the back splash of the kitchen sink. Things I've been wanting to get done but my husband just doesn't have the time.
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